• Social Warfare Alternatives: Best Social Share Plugins For WordPress

    Social Warfare social plugin is the most popular plugin for WordPress in the market. it is best because of its amazing features and Social Warfare Coupon to get discounts. However, nothing in the world is perfect. So, today we are going to see the best social plugin just like Social Warfare. Let's get started!

    For a website to become successful and earn money, it needs traffic. there is huge competition in the market. so it has become hard for a website to get huge traffic. but with the help of some techniques, you can increase traffic on your website.

    Social sites are the place where most people spend their free time. over billions, active users are present on social websites. it has become the best source of traffic for companies and bloggers.

    The only thing you need to do is install a Social plugin. Now, if you are a beginner and don’t know about it then don’t worry. I am going to explain it in detail. If you already know then you are welcome to learn more about it.

    What Is A Social Plugin?

    A social plugin is a WordPress plugin that enables the website to display social share buttons. These buttons are of popular social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest and many more.

    From the study, it has found that people tend to share a funny, valuable, important post with their friends and families when the share buttons are in front of their view. When the share buttons will be present in front of their eyes, it is more likely to be shared by people. so they don't have to copy-paste the whole boring post.

    What Are the Benefits Of Social Share Buttons?

    There are a lot of benefits of social share buttons as it makes people share the post easily with their friends and family. When the people will share website posts on their timeline, then this will intrigue their friends to read the post.

    This way, the website post will start reaching more and more people. This will benefit the website in getting good engagements on the website. so the website ranking will start boosting. There is no disadvantage of using the social share button on the website.

    Social Warfare is the top WordPress plugin in the market. it comes with a lot of features and support. their share button is very attractive and can be easily customized with the theme. there are a lot of button icons available to choose from. So you can customize those buttons according to the website theme to look good. with the help of the Social Warfare coupon, you can save money on the plan. But, we are here to see the best alternatives to the Social Warfare plugin.

    Social Warfare Alternative For Wordpress

    1. MashShare

    MashShare is the best alternative to Social Warfare. It is free to download from the Wordpress plugin store. The plugin comes in free as well as the paid version. The paid version consists of premium add-ons.

    They offer share buttons of all the social network sites. The share buttons can be customized for better appearance and looks. With these buttons, the website will not become slow. As it takes less space and is designed for faster loading. So the website will work as it was before. There is no impact on performance.

    You can use it for absolutely free. the free version will cover most of the basic functions and customization. But for more options and better customization, you will have to get the paid version. It is a good choice to make your website look good for getting more traffic.

    2. Easy Social Share Buttons

    Easy Social share buttons is a good WordPress plugin in the industry. It is designed very light-weight which doesn't have any load on the page loading. So the pages will load as usual but with more attractive share buttons.

    The share buttons are very responsive which can place anywhere on the website. the buttons are available with many themes. They offer share count, follower counts, social profile and analytics. So you can track the engagement of the traffic on the buttons. It also helps to create an email list very easily.

    3. Shareaholic

    Shareaholic is all you need to boost the traffic on your website. it offers great features like share counts, follow buttons, google analytics, URL shortener, and 100+ social buttons. The blogger can place share buttons as floating and in-content or both.

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    There are huge customization options for designing the share buttons individually on each page. So the user can find it easy for sharing the post on their profiles.

    The best feature is that you can get back all your precious data, even if the data gets lost due to updates and modifications to the website.

    4. Social Pug

    The Social Pug is the all in one plugin which you need to boost traffic on your website. as there is a free and premium version. So you can use the free version for a lifetime with the basic features. However, with the basic features, you don't have access to some of the best features.

    So, to increase the functionality of the website, then you need to buy a premium version. the premium version is what you need to improve your website engagement. It gives share counts, follow counts, analytic and awesome user interface. So the reader will feel happy to share the content on their profile.

    5. Social Media Flying Icons

    Social Media flying icons are the most unique design share button in the market. the social buttons flys on the screen which is very eye-catching. So the user has more chances to click on it and sharing.

    There are more than 30 button styles available in the plan. these designs can easily be customized according to the website them to blend in it. you can set the start and end position from where the icons will fly in front of the reader. So show your creativity and boost traffic on your website.

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    Best Social Share Plugins For WordPress Blog & Best Hosting Recommendations

    Best Social Share Plugins For WordPress Blog & Best Hosting Recommendations

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